Ads for online poker sites pops up every now and then on our screens. A great way to find some entertainment and some money as well, poker remains in the list of top games played in every casino. It was famous in the live casinos until it came to the online casinos. When internet gave us the online casinos, poker became even more famous. As people got the chance to place their bet from the comfort of their home, poker came to heart of every casino website like 우리카지노. Now that it has become so popular, here is some words about how it travelled this far. Today poker has actually evolved from games having their details in the history.

Texas Hold’em

It was the mid-1800s, when the deck of cards became of 52 from 20. Both the federal and rebel soldiers played poker during American Civil War. The surviving soldiers carried the game home with them. Poker was spread in the US for the first tome through these soldiers. During the late 1800s this game was synonymous to western frontier expansion. But at this time, the game was drawing the attention of criminals and ill-reputed players. Even gamblers turned to violence whenever they felt cheated. It actually took another century for poker to be legitimized.


The time around 1849 California Gold Rush, five card stud poker became popular. Gradually the five cards turned to seven cards. Other variants like Kansas City lowball popped up during late 1880s. Stud poker kept on evolving even in the middle of the 20th Century.

The last century has not seen much change in Poker except the standardization of rules and decks. Today poker is available in all possible online 카지노사이트. Hone your skills and win big from the comfort of your home.